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It is our great pleasure to present 3rd of "Triveni", the newsletter  of Association of Teraians in Nepal (ANTA). ANTA, a community organization, whose one goal is to enhance empowerement of Teraians in America and in their native land, believes that internal strength of community lies in people's knowledge and unity.

The Association of Nepali Teraian in America's Greater New York Chapter (ANTA-GNYC) in collaboration with Madhesh Human Rights (Madhur) and Madheshi Community Empowerment in America (MCEA) held protest bicycle rally at New York in front of United Nations on Sunday, December 13, 2015 against Human Rights Violations in Terai/Madhesh of Nepal. The program was indeed a grand success.

Association of Nepali Terain in America (ANTA) has collected fund from individual and institutional members to help earhquake victim. We have distributed clothes, meal etc with the help of volunteer from Sisautiya people.

Association of Nepali Terain in America (ANTA) and Madheshi Human Rights Association (MADHUR) had protested in New York together against human rights violation by Government of Nepal on Madheshis.